august 2020

enough of this, YouTube!!! addendum

you know what? it's getting worse every day, and it still does. I wanted to add something to the previous article.

8/19 4:44 PM (UTC -5)

the elusive PAL option in StepMania's Preferences.ini

this option has been pretty much undocumented for years, that even the StepMania wiki doesn't know what it is for.

8/17 6:08 PM (UTC -5)

Audacity you got to stop breaking.

seriously? I can't even scroll when doing play-at-speed?

8/03 9:43 PM (UTC -5)

july 2020

rant on "Invalid argument"

they should change the name to "Unknown error" or add errinfo().

7/18 5:28 PM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 7: the Wayland special!

*sighs* finally... I'm at the end...

7/17 12:43 AM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 6

not even GNOME is safe from the tearing problem.

7/15 10:57 PM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 5

come on...

7/14 10:58 PM (UTC -5)


don't you say it that loud!

7/14 1:08 PM (UTC -5)

Early Work On KDE Frameworks 6 Continues.... more like The Crusade Tried An Invasion On Us!

we were going to have a nice KF6 thread... but then...

7/14 4:44 AM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 4

lorem ipsum, quia dolor sit, amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt, ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem.

7/13 11:03 PM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 3

more to it! more to it!

7/12 10:57 PM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 2

it feels odd to be on GNOME... like a sort of enclosed trap...

7/11 11:02 PM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - day 1!

the first day!

7/10 11:00 PM (UTC -5)

Seven Days with GNOME - the beginning!

this is a short series of posts in where I am going to share my experiences using GNOME for a week.

7/09 8:52 PM (UTC -5)

another person on the crusade!

racking up likes to no end, the 144Hz crusade got stronger with the help of a new traitor!

7/09 7:20 PM (UTC -5)

who cares if my browser is out of date?

seriously. I want to browse the website and let that be it.

7/08 4:58 AM (UTC -5)

everything freaking crashes under Linux!


7/05 5:02 AM (UTC -5)

taking "Inclusive and Diverse" too far.

this somewhat-dumb movement has reached ridiculous lengths, but now let's take it to the extreme.

7/05 4:33 AM (UTC -5)

you got to me k- me? I mean "be"!

what a terrible typo fest this whole stream of rage was!

7/04 4:01 AM (UTC -5)

june 2020

enough of this, YouTube!!!

you know what? it's getting worse every day.

6/23 7:16 PM (UTC -5)

farewell, sad face.

it's unviable now.

6/23 5:04 PM (UTC -5)

may 2020

somebody set the doomsday clock to 60 seconds

failure to handle the pandemic in specific countries, like the US.

5/08 1:08 PM (UTC -5)

april 2020

the reason why it is hard to destroy the 144Hz crusade

summary: banning the leader (144Hz) is ineffective and may cause notable repercussions.

4/29 5:06 PM (UTC -5)

are you kidding me?!

seriously President Vizcarra?! two more freaking weeks?!!!

4/26 2:33 PM (UTC -5)

Wikipedia... enough of ogv already.

...yep. it's been several years and Wikipedia still uses the ogv format for videos.

4/21 12:59 PM (UTC -5)

the 144Hz crusade

it's almost official... those traitors want our beloved KDE down to the depths of hell!

4/21 12:35 PM (UTC -5)

march 2020

I don't like the GitHub 404 page

the desktop one. I mean it's so annoying for one big reason.

3/06 8:44 PM (UTC -5)

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