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GNOME Tracker sounds creepy and like spyware. KDE Baloo, doesn't.


more changes to privacy policy

the privacy policy has been updated to clarify which cookies are set upon visiting the site, and no longer collect the Referer header.

2021/03/19 8:04 PM (UTC -5)

KWin! lowlatency! 5.20.5

the next version has been released, but I do have to say.

2021/01/05 12:22 PM (UTC -5)

kwin-lowlatency 5.20.4

...and here we go, a minor update to KWin. just more upstream stuff.

2020/12/01 12:57 PM (UTC -5) by default

as of now, the previous location ( has turned into a redirect to, as announced one week ago.

2020/11/21 4:35 AM (UTC -5)

Plasma 5.20 now available in Manjaro repos - update your kwin-lowlatency

as of now Plasma 5.20 has hit the Manjaro repositories! if you are using KWin-lowlatency, you should upgrade by building the AUR package.

2020/11/20 7:45 PM (UTC -5)

notice - is now live!

as of now I am glad to announce that this website is moving to a new location pretty soon.

2020/11/14 4:38 AM (UTC -5)

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Apache, please stop with OpenOffice.

I can't believe you are able to keep this theater act going for so darn long.

2021/10/07 12:47 PM (UTC -5)

age-restricted nonsense

YouTube's community guidelines are an absolute mess. some videos are age-restricted, even when there's nothing that would require those to be so.

2021/08/30 2:11 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality! number 6

have an HDD? KWin disapproves.

2021/08/20 12:08 PM (UTC -5)

eeeeww, gradle

the build system that eats up your RAM, does not work without stdin and has massive version incompatibility (thankfully a wrapper used by 99% of projects mitigates this).

2021/08/10 5:47 AM (UTC -5)

big no to the new Fandom logo

yep, Fandom has a new logo. but it's ugly and should be reverted. what is up with this global ugly logo trend?

2021/08/10 4:58 AM (UTC -5)

Super Dimension Fortress Macross? Super Epileptic Seizure Explosion

(joke post) nice little game about a japanese show... except for one thing.

2021/08/01 12:44 AM (UTC -5)

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