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so you probably saw my rant.


more changes to privacy policy

the privacy policy has been updated to clarify which cookies are set upon visiting the site, and no longer collect the Referer header.

2021/03/19 8:04 PM (UTC -5)

KWin! lowlatency! 5.20.5

the next version has been released, but I do have to say.

2021/01/05 12:22 PM (UTC -5)

kwin-lowlatency 5.20.4

...and here we go, a minor update to KWin. just more upstream stuff.

2020/12/01 12:57 PM (UTC -5) by default

as of now, the previous location ( has turned into a redirect to, as announced one week ago.

2020/11/21 4:35 AM (UTC -5)

Plasma 5.20 now available in Manjaro repos - update your kwin-lowlatency

as of now Plasma 5.20 has hit the Manjaro repositories! if you are using KWin-lowlatency, you should upgrade by building the AUR package.

2020/11/20 7:45 PM (UTC -5)

notice - is now live!

as of now I am glad to announce that this website is moving to a new location pretty soon.

2020/11/14 4:38 AM (UTC -5)

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Mojang has NIH syndrome

yep. instead of adopting community standards, Mojang prefers to reinvent the wheel and push a totally different thing.

2021/06/12 1:52 PM (UTC -5)

DefleMask, game over.

DefleMask was a good chiptune creation and manipulation program, until things changed in 1.0...

2021/05/06 6:38 AM (UTC -5)

it's official

Phoronix has been owned.

2021/04/21 12:49 PM (UTC -5)

AltDentifier - a huge privacy problem

at first I thought Roleypoly was the worst bot on Discord, but no, I think AltDentifier takes the title.

2021/04/21 4:45 AM (UTC -5)

the "no elitism" rule that never was...

this Linux community here... is the odd one out. it has a particularly unique "no elitism" rule (probably to stop chaos), but it's actually a disguise...

2021/04/17 1:39 PM (UTC -5)

"we're going on an adventure!"... of trash and misery!

I am done here. those stupid deprecations are getting on my nerves.

2021/02/25 1:56 PM (UTC -5)

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