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KWin! lowlatency! 5.20.5

the next version has been released, but I do have to say.

2021/01/05 12:22 PM (UTC -5)

kwin-lowlatency 5.20.4

...and here we go, a minor update to KWin. just more upstream stuff.

2020/12/01 12:57 PM (UTC -5) by default

as of now, the previous location ( has turned into a redirect to, as announced one week ago.

2020/11/21 4:35 AM (UTC -5)

Plasma 5.20 now available in Manjaro repos - update your kwin-lowlatency

as of now Plasma 5.20 has hit the Manjaro repositories! if you are using KWin-lowlatency, you should upgrade by building the AUR package.

2020/11/20 7:45 PM (UTC -5)

notice - is now live!

as of now I am glad to announce that this website is moving to a new location pretty soon.

2020/11/14 4:38 AM (UTC -5)

kwin-lowlatency links fixed on announcements

here is another announcement, just to mention that I have fixed the "you can find the project here" part on all the kwin-lowlatency 5.20 announcements.

2020/11/11 11:47 AM (UTC -5)

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"we're going on an adventure!"... of trash and misery!

I am done here. those stupid deprecations are getting on my nerves.

2021/02/25 1:56 PM (UTC -5)

did somebody say "anti-Wayland horseshit"?

in before you issue this aggressive response, we got reasons why are many people pushing this "anti-Wayland horseshit"!

2021/02/23 3:56 PM (UTC -5)

418 I'm a teapot


2021/01/10 11:58 AM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality. number 5

all of a sudden, intense colors in Konsole went away, and even if the option is on it still remains off.

2021/01/06 2:33 AM (UTC -5)

webmasters - switch to hCaptcha!

it brings several benefits over Google reCAPTCHA and respects your privacy!

2020/12/30 2:06 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality. number 4.

apparently, using Application Menu (global menu bar) is a death sentence to your menu bars if you decide to resign later.

2020/12/01 8:07 PM (UTC -5)

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