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Furnace 0.6pre5 is here - no tutorial yet

did I say 0.6pre5 would have a tutorial? well, sadly it doesn't.

2023/05/24 6:46 AM (UTC -5)

the end of KWin-lowlatency

I am unable to maintain it anymore. here are some reasons.

2023/05/12 6:17 PM (UTC -5)

(APRIL FOOLS') Furnace Pro is here!

originally conceived by one developer and now carefully crafted by a group of masters, Furnace Pro is here to satisfy your professional chiptune production needs.

2023/04/01 6:36 PM (UTC -5)

Furnace 0.6pre3 released

this new release of Furnace includes several fixes to many bugs which were present in pre2 (by the way, apologies for not announcing it).

2022/12/31 6:58 PM (UTC -5)

Furnace 0.6pre1 is here!

the first true pre-release of my chiptune tracker has been released with countless additions since 0.5.8!

2022/06/29 5:33 AM (UTC -5)

KWin-lowlatency 5.23.5 released

excuse the late announcement but I've been busy debugging a major issue with the mail system. here it is, KWin-lowlatency 5.23.5.

2022/01/06 2:46 PM (UTC -5)

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Amazing KDE Quality - number 10

I'm not going to stop

2023/05/23 11:10 PM (UTC -5)

reasons why Discord's new username plan is a terrible idea

a week ago or so, Discord announced a radical change to the username system, which has been very controversial. only today I got this message.

2023/05/12 5:35 PM (UTC -5)

I hate this feature

seriously, I just do.

2022/11/22 11:24 PM (UTC -5)

the DefleMask Brain-Wash Program

here I am going to detail the possible truth about DefleMask and how it tries to trick people into believing things which aren't true.

2022/07/21 1:29 AM (UTC -5)

KDE pulled a GNOME

I just noticed that one of the features that was useful to me is gone from Plasma 5.24 (yeah I took months to upgrade)...

2022/07/18 10:37 PM (UTC -5)

making hostapd LAR-friendly (on Intel 5GHz wireless cards)

Intel wireless cards are among the best for Linux, with support for new devices landing even before they are released. however, they have one big drawback: LAR (Location-Aware Regulatory).

2022/07/07 1:26 AM (UTC -5)

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