Fast Ethernet routers should be retired from the market

2023/07/30 4:14 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

it's 2023 and these things are still being sold, despite the majority of computers having Gigabit Ethernet ports.

what's the reason?
cost reduction? it's not like Gigabit Ethernet ports are expensive anymore...
slow routing performance? can't you use an ASIC if performance is key? hell, even current ARM processors are cheap...

so why still sell them? they're worthless! they're decades behind current technology... a shame!

oh, and make things worse when many of these feature (theoretical) Wi-Fi speeds exceeding 100Mbps. especially the 802.11ac ones, which claim to provide up to 867Mbps.
what's the point? you're not going to be able to use more than 100Mbps anyway because of these garbage Fast Ethernet ports they shove in.

these routers are electronic waste. they aren't fit for survival...
...and the rise of 10 Gigabit Ethernet makes these pretty much dead on arrival. just kill them already.