server upgrade

2022/07/02 2:40 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

as of now this website runs on an actual server instead of an ancient low-end desktop repurposed as server.

the old server (it wasn't even a proper server machine but rather a desktop one) failed terribly, triggering longer downtime than usual.
motherboard failure, power supply failure.... every failure.
a 10-year-old low-end machine which was put into misery as I did not have the resources to acquire a proper server for a long time.

I completely forgot about its status for years (it's been operating as server since late 2015), since it just worked and I had no complaint...
...until it failed last week. it wouldn't turn on anymore after a power outage.

I tried to diagnose the issue with the tools I had at hand (it was during the midnight), but failed to locate the problem.
I had to take the machine for repair and got a temporary fix, which didn't last at all (only booted up once, then it wouldn't boot up anymore).
ordered a motherboard replacement, but ended up being a dud! power on and one minute later it died...
replaced the motherboard again but this time also replaced the power supply and I was able to run it for a bit longer...

I finally was able to acquire a new server machine and finally moved everything over to this new system today.
things should run smoother (even if they already were) and hopefully I won't see these downtimes again (bar power outages and stuff).

the old server rests with a sense of peace...