KDE pulled a GNOME

2022/07/18 10:37 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

I just noticed that one of the features that was useful to me is gone from Plasma 5.24 (yeah I took months to upgrade)...

in this commit, the "Display window geometries on move/resize" effect was apparently removed for being "unpractical":

Drop geometry tip

It's not practical, regular users don't care about window geometry. One
could argue that it can be useful for creating window rules, but window
rules kcm pulls relevant properties from kwin.

If needed, one can reimplement this feature as a QtQuick script that creates
an overlay window positioned above the window that is being interactively
moved or resized.

man, "regular users"? since when has KDE shifted its focus away from power users? its first and most loyal userbase?

isn't this the kind of things GNOME devs usually do? removing useful features with no reason and not even a chance to get them back?
even if I am the only one who used this feature (although very sure I am not), removing such a feature and delegating the work to somebody else isn't how KDE works.
it's about customization and flexibility...

guess it's time to revive KWin-lowlatency?