reasons why Discord's new username plan is a terrible idea

2023/05/12 5:35 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

a week ago or so, Discord announced a radical change to the username system, which has been very controversial. only today I got this message.

Discord announcement

some of you may argue that the current name/tag system (e.g. Username#1234) is weird, but then this new plan brings more issues.
here I am going to tell you why is this not a good idea (at least in its announced form):

many people have spoken out already. it's time that Discord finally listens and retreats...

but well, I guess it is in the name... Discord...


is there any reason you used the old name for tag, "discriminator"? sure, in the developer docs it's still named like that, but in the rest of the UI, if I recall correctly, in 2020 you renamed it to "tag" because "discriminator" sounded like a bad thing to you.
so what happened here? all of a sudden you start calling it "discriminator" again?
it shows how half-hearted this decision was. I am pretty sure that not even your employees are happy with it.

besides, you shouldn't be using Discord anyway. sure, it's easy to use and most people on the Internet employ it primarily, or even exclusively... but then it has lots of other issues, from privacy ones to censorship and horrible user interface! when will I talk about the buggy Android app that I refused to embrace until now...