AltDentifier - a huge privacy problem

2021/04/21 4:45 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

at first I thought Roleypoly was the worst bot on Discord, but no, I think AltDentifier takes the title.

this bot is very privacy invasive, and incredibly annoying. sadly, it requires that to work, and there's no way otherwise.
I think this is one of the most extreme and dystopian forms to protect a Discord server... like, couldn't this be handled in a different way?
perhaps a server owner may be too scared of such things, like raids or people coming with alternate accounts... but... I really, really think AltDentifier is too much. it's like if i had to wear a mask, a face protector, a hazmat suit and show every identification document possible just to enter a cinema and have fun. or... it's like DRM. you need specific hardware, a specific operating system or environment and specific software... just to watch a movie (like on DVD or Blu-ray). this ruins the fun and simplicity!

furthermore the privacy policy is kind of hidden, because they clearly don't want you to know how invasive they are. you have to go on Terms of Service in order to see it, and even worse, the link isn't always there!

not only that, it calls everyone a "criminal" (on its status). assuming guilt before it happens.

terrible mentality! say no to AltDentifier!