"we're going on an adventure!"... of trash and misery!

2021/02/25 1:56 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

I am done here. those stupid deprecations are getting on my nerves.

who was the person who accepted this massive bloat of a library into the Paper project?!
it doesn't even support RGB color codes correctly... or i mean it strips them away because when I used mcMMO it would do so...

not only that, but it breaks Bukkit/Spigot compatibility as well! didn't you say you would remain compatible and friendly to non-Paper plugins?
what happened here?
just when I updated my Maven artifacts today all of a sudden I saw everything getting yellow on the editor!

"deprecated"? really? all the functions to set text are now deprecated?!
what kind of management TRASH is this in where all of a sudden you bring out a new library and consider everyone's work "deprecated"?!
shoving this dumb library down our throats is probably the worst thing you could do! and i mean even worse than deprecating Java 8 support and announcing that just one year later you are going to drop it...

if you are going to bring on a new text library, could you at least please make it optional? like NOT SLAP US IN THE FACE?!
what if i really don't want to use Adventure? I mean I have reasons, so stop forcing it.

my reasons are:

so you know what I did?


ha, screw you! how do you like that, Paper team?
it's ugly, but get your stuff together and stop deprecating random things only because "we got this new hot library to put colors on your text"!