november 2023

no posts this month.

october 2023

let's try Mesa 23.2.1

for years I've been stuck on Mesa 19.0.6 because 19.1+ had a bug which would make the card hang while recording the screen using darmstadt (my screen recording software).

10/07 1:57 AM (UTC -5)

september 2023

dear Unity

neither you, nor game developers won't like this doomsday scenario...

9/15 11:49 PM (UTC -5)

august 2023

you know what I hate?

GitHub's "hot load" feature. it's a feature that exists for the sake of existing, and brings no benefits whatsoever.

8/10 4:39 PM (UTC -5)

july 2023

Fast Ethernet routers should be retired from the market

it's 2023 and these things are still being sold, despite the majority of computers having Gigabit Ethernet ports.

7/30 4:14 PM (UTC -5)

june 2023

no posts this month.

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