I hate this feature

2022/11/22 11:24 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

seriously, I just do.

Message Requests

you see it? yeah, Message Requests on Discord.

what's the point? I want to listen!
if I don't want somebody talking to me, I just ignore the message/mute the user. is there any need to have this feature?
friend requests is ok, but message requests? what about type requests or even view profile requests?

this feature only slows my workflow down and prevents me from listening because it doesn't notify me at all. if you're going to add this feature, at least have the courtesy of adding a "new message request" notification setting for those who want it like me.

the main problem is that there isn't a global/default way to disable this feature. Discord offers an option to set the default value for "allow direct messages" when joining new "servers", but no options whatsoever for this thing. instead I have to go around and disable this feature for every "server" I am in.

wait a moment. never mind my last paragraph. I just checked and they added an option...

but yeah, I just wanted to say that I don't like this feature. good thing there's an option to disable it globally.