You Know What's BS!? You Know What's BS

2020/11/12 2:05 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

you know what's BS? "You Know What's BS!?". yes, I am referring to the title of James Rolfe's side project.
what's the deal?! why "BS"? what made you change your mind and censor the original title? what's the problem with saying "bull..." yeah you know, that word...?
all of a sudden the show ruined itself to the point I can say "that's BS".
what happened here?!

and why is there a sponsor section at the beginning of the video? are you going to complain or is this just for pissing us off?
do you realize that the sponsor takes one third of the video? that's BS!
nobody wants it! even you complained about that in a previous episode!

why do you sound so calm? shouldn't this be about complaining? where did your frustration go?

apparently, from what I and many people have researched, it appears that you've been forced to make these changes to be compliant with YouTube monetization (ugh, I despise that word) guidelines/terms, which seemingly forbid profanity on the first minute and the front cover/details of the video...
do you risk losing your channel by merely being explicit and letting your anger out?
these policies are most likely the rationale for the degradation of your shows!

and why did you employ a real fart sound in the bimonthly episode?! that's so BS!
i mean, i used to enjoy your shows for a reason... despite being kind of "dirty" at times, it was all simulated... the feces, diarrhea and even the fart sounds were artificial and just mouth sounds... the fact that it is not real adds to the fun factor and makes your shows enjoyable, but what happened here?!

instead of working around YouTube's restrictions and deteriorating the show, why not host it yourself, or somewhere else? it's not like you have to stay on YouTube... people will accept change if it is for the better...
like you have a website, so why not stay there? in fact, some of your sensitive/NSFW episodes reside there!
this means you could, but of course not. you prefer to stay on YouTube's hellish lair. that's bull- oh wait i mean... that's BS!

(disclaimer: this post is solely intended as a parody of Cinemassacre's show, and is not meant to replace or add to it in any way. I merely am voicing my opinion on the show)