october 2022

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august 2022

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july 2022

the DefleMask Brain-Wash Program

here I am going to detail the possible truth about DefleMask and how it tries to trick people into believing things which aren't true.

7/21 1:29 AM (UTC -5)

KDE pulled a GNOME

I just noticed that one of the features that was useful to me is gone from Plasma 5.24 (yeah I took months to upgrade)...

7/18 10:37 PM (UTC -5)

making hostapd LAR-friendly (on Intel 5GHz wireless cards)

Intel wireless cards are among the best for Linux, with support for new devices landing even before they are released. however, they have one big drawback: LAR (Location-Aware Regulatory).

7/07 1:26 AM (UTC -5)

server upgrade

as of now this website runs on an actual server instead of an ancient low-end desktop repurposed as server.

7/02 2:40 AM (UTC -5)

june 2022

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may 2022

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