Apache, please stop with OpenOffice.

2021/10/07 12:47 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

I can't believe you are able to keep this theater act going for so darn long.
it is so hard for you to admit that OpenOffice is dead.
nobody uses it. those 317M+ downloads consist of build bots, download bots and nothing else.
everyone has moved to LibreOffice.
your website is full of propaganda. "Users worldwide depend on OpenOffice to meet their office productivity needs"... nobody depends on it. nobody uses it. nobody CARES about it. stop.
it's probably only you who uses it. everyone else has moved on.
the only "leading" part about it is how you can keep a theater act going for so long and keep releasing.

just stop. i mean, STOP. IT'S DEAD.


edit: ha, how clever of you.

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yep, so that nobody counters your propaganda. go to /dev/null.