Razer clearly doesn't want Linux support

2020/10/07 1:57 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

well, here is a piece of evidence...

...the PrtSc key.

it appears that in their latest keyboard product (Razer BlackWidow V3), they have changed the keyboard labels once again (at first it was a very robotic font, then they changed it to a normal font, and now they made some of the labels bigger).
however, I did notice one notable (at least for me) difference:

prt sc, scr lk, pause

where is SysRq?! what happened?
all the previous Razer keyboards used a pretty much standard set of label names, so what happened here?

did you just think "nobody uses SysRq anyway" and just get rid of it?
this is just clear ignorance... both of history and of alternative computer users!

it seems you in fact completely ditched Linux users and told them you are never going to support the aforementioned platform...
...despite making an announcement long ago...

what's the deal? why do you still remain Windows-exclusive when that platform is begging for replacement? yeah, honestly... when using Windows it feels like using a modern control panel on top of an ancient architecture...