Valve, it's time to get up

2024/01/13 1:20 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

and expand beyond the couple countries you ship that Steam Deck to.

you know why? 'cuz you got competition.
look at what ASUS is doing over there. the ROG Ally!
look at the other side man, you see that? yeah! it's an MSI Claw A1M. it literally came out a couple days ago.

some reviewers even have the guts to say these Windows-powered devices fix "problems" present in your Deck.

but there's something in your Deck that nobody else will be able to replicate... the user experience.
you put so much dedication on the user experience. it feels smooth.
it is easy to use. everything works.
the deep Steam integration makes it a godsend.
somebody who's completely new to video games can get used to a Deck in a day and familiarize with Steam in two.

MSI and ASUS favor Windows, just because "everyone is familiar with it".
the Windows car has been refurbished countless times, and now they rebuilt it for these devices.
no matter what though, it's always the same car. once you open it, you can observe some decade-old parts inside.

one benefit of Windows is that since almost every game is made for it, you can run games natively, without loads of compatibility layers.
the only problem is that... let's be honest. Windows isn't a mobile or console operating system. it's a desktop one, and no matter how much you mod that car, it'll always be desktop-oriented.
you can try hard to fool me, but the Windows car is unmistakable.
it's full of legacy:

this is where Linux wins. it's free of (visible) legacy.
it's the highly-modifiable car, with endless customization options.
it's what Valve did. grabbed Arch Linux and tailored it into a video game console operating system.
the end user doesn't even know that it runs Linux. it feels like magic.
it's not the repair-and-sell-over-and-over stuff that Windows is. they sell you a car that is Like New but then the engine is 30 years old.
the Linux car is New. totally New.

these people even favor adding more R G B !!!! so the kids go "WOOOOW" and talk trash about "dull and boring" Deck.
I don't care about these lights... put them away! better to have an actually working, hassle-free interface than looks.
these lights won't magically revive Windows or make it look cooler... I am tired of it!

we don't get a choice though... why?
try to buy a Deck in my country.
"This item is not available for purchase in your region"
you see that? you SEE THAT?!
you don't know what a South America is? really?

who cares about "regions"... this is Earth! we are humans!

and that's the BIG problem Valve got to confront...

when the Deck was launched, it was only available in a handful of countries. the US, some part of Europe.... you know.
unfortunately, this means only 10% of the world is able to try out and buy a Deck.
people like me are completely lost with no chance to acquire a Deck through official means.

ASUS and MSI, being huge companies, have an easier time acquiring international presence, allowing them to sell the Windows car before Valve pushes their New car.

soon I will show you a picture. it will be proof that ASUS has conquered my country with no trouble.

where's Valve, huh? where are you?!
driving the Windows car is painful! it needs lots of setup prior to usage!
the Deck on the other hand is ready to use. just do the Steam dance and there you go!

so yeah. I believe that you need to accelerate the internationalization process and do a worldwide release... why waste so much time in a gradual roll-out?

problem: bunch of initiates in Rest of World

widen your field of view then? not every gamer is in the US, Germany or Asia.
we've got plenty of them over here

otherwise what? take advantage of that! the Deck's ease of use is a massive selling point...

problem: market acceptance

people... erm Big Retail don't like new companies. they prefer to stick with the brands they already work with.
if you come to them and offer them a Deck, they'll be like "Valve? who the hell are you?" and tell you nobody will buy a "Steam Deck" because "nobody" (read "management") knows what a "Steam Deck" is.

so what? you shouldn't let that hinder your progress

why not begin in the more community-oriented stores? the ones that don't have a "corporate" vibe?
most gamers here get their stuff on such stores rather than corporate-feeling malls...
get a stand there and sell? don't wait any further and come to my country!
once they see you're a "big" name in such lands, Big Retail will get a clue and let you in.

ASUS and MSI went through the same crap as well... I wouldn't see these two brands on Big Retail stores until late 201x...

stop the dedication-free, anti-consumer, highly-corporate Windows car plague that ASUS and MSI lead!
come here and beat them to the punch. teach them a lesson.

come on!