Samsung Galaxy S24...

2024/01/17 11:07 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

yet another phone with a hole in the screen to fit in the front camera. what a shame!

Samsung Galaxy S24 with its front camera hole

(source: YouTube review by webtekno under CC BY 3.0)

during the last couple years every phone, and I literally mean EVERY phone, has a screen which covers the entire front panel and either a front camera that looks like a hole, or a notch which houses the front camera and (sometimes) a couple sensors.

let me tell you: it's annoying!
I don't want a hole in my screen... it gets on the way and looks ugly!
it essentially forces the top of the display to serve as a status bar, and it must follow a specific layout because a spot is occupied by the front camera.
if I watch a video that fits the screen, part of the video won't be visible. what if there's text there? I won't be able to see it!
besides, I never use the front camera anyway so why have it? (yeah, I know most of you probably do)

what's this desire to fill the entire panel with a screen? who told you to do that?
why does every company have to follow these guidelines? every phone looks the same! they're all ugly!
just because Apple happened to introduce a notch in the iPhone X? why do you care about Apple... do your own thing dang it!

the Galaxy S8 and S9 were the summit of smartphone design. great screen and no holes or notches.
it is proof that it could be done.

even Fairphone's now on the hole train. I was considering getting one of these, but now that Fairphone 4 has a notch and 5 goes for a hole, it's no longer an option for me.

want a phone without a notch or a hole? good luck! look at the choices you've got:

wake me up when they stop filling the screen and punching holes. thank you.

stop posting about AI

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on Samsung it's f**king AI
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