january 2022

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december 2021

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november 2021

DuckDuckGo doesn't track you.... but allows others to track you?

the Stack Overflow bit in particular. look here.

11/28 11:47 PM (UTC -5)

what happened to Amazing KDE Quality number 8?

i lost it. i didn't want to but I was so angry with the last crash that I forgot to change the file name when writing the new post.

11/26 12:51 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality number 9

SCREW IT. create project in Kdenlive, add a video, then click on new project and create it with a custom profile. result? CRASH

11/26 3:19 AM (UTC -5)

they finally got the Breeze theme back!

on the KDE bug tracker! it's been so long since i last observed this!

11/03 9:53 PM (UTC -5)

october 2021

Amazing KDE Quality. Number 7.

you can't even export an image in Krita because it crashes.

10/23 3:15 AM (UTC -5)

Apache, please stop with OpenOffice.

I can't believe you are able to keep this theater act going for so darn long.

10/07 12:47 PM (UTC -5)

september 2021

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august 2021

age-restricted nonsense

YouTube's community guidelines are an absolute mess. some videos are age-restricted, even when there's nothing that would require those to be so.

8/30 2:11 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality! number 6

have an HDD? KWin disapproves.

8/20 12:08 PM (UTC -5)

eeeeww, gradle

the build system that eats up your RAM, does not work without stdin and has massive version incompatibility (thankfully a wrapper used by 99% of projects mitigates this).

8/10 5:47 AM (UTC -5)

big no to the new Fandom logo

yep, Fandom has a new logo. but it's ugly and should be reverted. what is up with this global ugly logo trend?

8/10 4:58 AM (UTC -5)

Super Dimension Fortress Macross? Super Epileptic Seizure Explosion

(joke post) nice little game about a japanese show... except for one thing.

8/01 12:44 AM (UTC -5)

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