january 2021

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1/10 11:58 AM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality. number 5

all of a sudden, intense colors in Konsole went away, and even if the option is on it still remains off.

1/06 2:33 AM (UTC -5)

december 2020

webmasters - switch to hCaptcha!

it brings several benefits over Google reCAPTCHA and respects your privacy!

12/30 2:06 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality. number 4.

apparently, using Application Menu (global menu bar) is a death sentence to your menu bars if you decide to resign later.

12/01 8:07 PM (UTC -5)

november 2020

what about you focus on fixing the old, reproducible bugs instead of calling them obsolete?

as pointed out on a previous Amazing KDE Quality article, there are some bugs that can be reproduced to this day, and stay open and left abandoned, like the KRDC one...

11/28 10:31 AM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality - number 3.

coding, coding coding... coding, build, int, char, CRASH

11/19 1:06 AM (UTC -5)

You Know What's BS!? You Know What's BS

you know what's BS? "You Know What's BS!?". yes, I am referring to the title of James Rolfe's side project.

11/12 2:05 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality - number 2

welcome back, Joe. CRASH

11/05 9:16 PM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality. number 1.

proof that KDE is a freaking minefield that crashes on EVERY thing you do.

11/05 2:39 AM (UTC -5)

october 2020

TigerVNC 1.11.0: a wreck of a release.

I guess 1.10 is the final version I will use... because 1.11 is a complete restructuring which breaks my workflow.

10/07 2:26 PM (UTC -5)

Razer clearly doesn't want Linux support

well, here is a piece of evidence...

10/07 1:57 PM (UTC -5)

september 2020

wow GitHub come on! that title is sure the longest title you've ever thought of for the main page, in an attempt to draw in the search engines, maybe because you have noticed GitLab is becoming strong, so you get a longer title but you know what? it is annoying and redundant

built, created and constructed for developers, coders, programmers and people who apply and employ knowledge regarding the art of writing a logical document to be sequentially processed by an electronic apparatus.

9/25 6:51 PM (UTC -5)

august 2020

enough of this, YouTube!!! addendum

you know what? it's getting worse every day, and it still does. I wanted to add something to the previous article.

8/19 4:44 PM (UTC -5)

the elusive PAL option in StepMania's Preferences.ini

this option has been pretty much undocumented for years, that even the StepMania wiki doesn't know what it is for.

8/17 6:08 PM (UTC -5)

Audacity you got to stop breaking.

seriously? I can't even scroll when doing play-at-speed?

8/03 9:43 PM (UTC -5)

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