Furnace 0.6pre8 released

2023/08/19 5:36 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

lots of bug fixes, and some features in preparation for a full 0.6 release.

this release fixes a serious glitch when muting channel 6 on YM2612, and a possible crash when using Intel graphics.
additionally, it improves Namco 163. beware - your old songs may or may not break.

the documentation has been updated as well. it's much better.

there are three new chips. TED is one of them.

grab this release from the release page.

last call for issue reports

since Furnace 0.6 is nearing its release, I encourage you to report any bugs you find in the program and to remind me of any issues I may have forgotten about.
I want 0.6 to be the best release of Furnace ever, because 0.7 onwards will be mostly about ROM export.