may 2023

Furnace 0.6pre5 is here - no tutorial yet

did I say 0.6pre5 would have a tutorial? well, sadly it doesn't.

5/24 6:46 AM (UTC -5)

the end of KWin-lowlatency

I am unable to maintain it anymore. here are some reasons.

5/12 6:17 PM (UTC -5)

april 2023

(APRIL FOOLS') Furnace Pro is here!

originally conceived by one developer and now carefully crafted by a group of masters, Furnace Pro is here to satisfy your professional chiptune production needs.

4/01 6:36 PM (UTC -5)

march 2023

no announcements this month.

february 2023

no announcements this month.

january 2023

no announcements this month.

december 2022

Furnace 0.6pre3 released

this new release of Furnace includes several fixes to many bugs which were present in pre2 (by the way, apologies for not announcing it).

12/31 6:58 PM (UTC -5)

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