"tildearrow." is not me!

2024/04/28 11:49 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

if you see someone on Discord called tildearrow, be sure to check out the username before you believe it is me.

my username on Discord does not have dots, underscores, "real" or anything on it other than the ten letters that contain the name of this site.
my profile has the "originally known as" badge, and the numbers when you hover/tap on it are ZERO, TWO, EIGHT and SEVEN (in that exact order).
I registered my Discord account on December 30, 2018.

today somebody joined the Furnace Discord with a display name that's identical to mine... obviously somebody who is impersonating me.
this is the impersonator's profile:


this, on the other hand is my profile:


so yeah. be sure to check out before you think it is me who is starting a fire, calling you names/slurs, or whatever. I don't do that.