further website and privacy policy updates

2023/10/02 7:45 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

in summary: cookies no longer used, cookie banner removed and no more JavaScript for the mobile menu button.

I have "downgraded" the autoindex from h5ai to ngx_fancyindex, therefore eliminating use of the PHPSESSID cookie.
sure, it doesn't look that fancy anymore, but at least it's cookie-free.
this allows me to eliminate the cookie consent banner. yay!

I also redesigned the mobile menu button so that toggling it doesn't require JavaScript anymore. the contact page still requires JavaScript for security reasons, but yeah.
the button is ugly but I will improve it later.

the privacy policy changes are:

as a privacy guy, I had a feeling that this website needed some extra cleanup, so that's why I made these changes. I hope you enjoy them.