KWin-lowlatency... coming back from the dead?!

2021/10/22 2:46 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

it's been a long time since I announced a new version of KWin-lowlatency, mostly because KDE developers have pushed a change that fixes the latency/stutter problem (which defeats the point of this fork).
however, there are a few things that upstream will not implement yet, such as exclusive full-screen (unredirection/direct scanout, only on Wayland) or the ability to close in Present Windows with left click. or even the ultra-obscure Paint cursor effect for use with my direct screen recording tool, darmstadt.

i've been working on adding unredirection support to KWin, but instead of porting the 5-year-old unredirection patchset (that comes from the 5.7 version, years before KWin-lowlatency even existed!) I've decided to rewrite it by using the existing direct scanout framework instead.
so far it seems to work well! no crashes or hangs.

so prepare! KWin-lowlatency 5.22.5 and 5.23.1 will be released...


by the way, I've released KWin-lowlatency 5.18.8 for users that are on the long-term branch. check it out.