kwin-lowlatency 5.20.0 released! (also 5.18.6-2 and 5.19.5-3)

2020/10/13 1:03 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

it is here!

however, please note the following:

the 5.18.6-2 release brings the debug message annoyance removal from 5.19.5-2.

also, the 5.19.5-3 release unofficially ports a fix to the Present Windows crash bug which in turn ended up being an upstream bug, except that I found it earlier but did not report it as I thought it was a lowlatency-only bug...

thanks soredake and distro packagers (agates, DarkWav, ZaWertun, maxiberta and pasqui23)!

you can find the project here.