january 2024

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december 2023

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november 2023

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october 2023

further website and privacy policy updates

in summary: cookies no longer used, cookie banner removed and no more JavaScript for the mobile menu button.

10/02 7:45 PM (UTC -5)

Furnace 0.6 released - finally!

it's been one year and half since we began the pre-release cycle.... but now it's time I say Furnace 0.6 is here!

10/02 12:47 AM (UTC -5)

september 2023

Furnace 0.6pre10 and the Freeze

this pre-release marks the beginning of a period consisting of multiple pre-releases prior to the official release of 0.6.

9/07 7:14 PM (UTC -5)

august 2023

Furnace 0.6pre9 released - important fix

this release fixes a serious regression in audio export. sometimes it would be totally silent, break samples and even crash the program.

8/26 4:07 AM (UTC -5)

Furnace 0.6pre8 released

lots of bug fixes, and some features in preparation for a full 0.6 release.

8/19 5:36 AM (UTC -5)

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