wow GitHub come on! that title is sure the longest title you've ever thought of for the main page, in an attempt to draw in the search engines, maybe because you have noticed GitLab is becoming strong, so you get a longer title but you know what? it is annoying and redundant

2020/09/25 6:51 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

built, created and constructed for developers, coders, programmers and people who apply and employ knowledge regarding the art of writing a logical document to be sequentially processed by an electronic apparatus.

the longest title

is this really necessary?! do you really need such a massively long title for a simple thing that everybody knows?
GitHub! that's it! you don't need more than just the name

ok, ok, sure, a slogan is ok, but NOT a whole long title?!
what's next? are you gonna place the whole website on the title bar?!