big no to the new Fandom logo

2021/08/10 4:58 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

yep, Fandom has a new logo. but it's ugly and should be reverted. what is up with this global ugly logo trend?

I was surprised to be greeted with a new logo and color scheme when visiting a Fandom site today.
it felt very unfamiliar and gross...

the new Fandom logo. the word Fandom, with the 'o' being a fireball with a heart in the middle

honestly, I don't understand how did this make it through the quality control. seriously? a red, yellow and black color scheme instead of the classic blue and cyan?
and all of it done without prior user feedback?!
the logo looks very unprofessional and out of context when compared to the old logo.
take a look.

the old Fandom logo. two bricks shaped as a heart; the FANDOM wordmark at the right.

yep, that's the old logo. it makes Fandom look strong and stable, and it looks like a building block (which reflects the concept of creating wikis).
but this new logo looks more like "we love drama and arguments!" which makes absolutely no sense for a website that hosts wikis...

this isn't the first time they screw up though. Fandom/Wikia are known for making terrible decisions every couple years.
first they slowly killed the dedicated look for websites (which some relied upon, like Uncyclopedia). then they killed the domain and made a split (most websites moved to and a few others moved to then they killed the domain as "it was dropping on Google page rankings" and " was better ranked". then they added a new mobile experience for Gamepedia pages (which replaced the custom style with the generic Fandom style but this only brought problems, e.g. the Minecraft wiki hurts my eyes on mobile) and offered NO option to revert it (despite the previous version being fully functional)...

is there any reason to change something that users have settled on for ages? this is as bad as the Discord logo change...

by the way, even the font is disgusting, but it seems like there's a pattern.
many companies have been changing their logos, and often the font presents one or many of the following traits:

take a look at League of Legends, Facebook, Firefox, Discord, MediaWiki, Google, Startpage, GitHub (the front page)...

is this to push people into believing ugly is beautiful or something?

don't fix what isn't broken!