the DefleMask Brain-Wash Program

2022/07/21 1:29 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

here I am going to detail the possible truth about DefleMask and how it tries to trick people into believing things which aren't true.

during this year, after the release of DefleMask 1.1 I had a theory in mind: DefleMask's weird feature set is not because of limitations in consoles, but rather is intentional.
this led me to believe that DefleMask is more than just a tracker... may also be part of a shady program to make the chiptune community believe things which aren't true (I like to call it DefleTruth).

this post is dedicated to tell you what DefleMask developers are trying to make you think through (possibly) intentional design flaws that get added on every update.

Genesis/Mega Drive PCM sample rates are "standard"

in DefleMask, samples may only run at the following frequencies: 8000Hz, 11025Hz, 16000Hz, 22050Hz and 32000Hz.
the reason for this is extremely arbitrary: "it is some standarts for frequency".

the truth is that those rates are taken from VGM Music Maker, a much older program to compose music for the same system.
that was back in the time when the Genesis architecture wasn't well-understood in the homebrew scene and so there wasn't any motivation to make anything better.

busted by non-homebrew and further studies: the Genesis' sound chip (YM2612) has a limited register write rate, which also affects sample writes.
this rate is ~53267 writes/second.
this means it is preferred to have PCM samples (or the sample engine) to run at rates which are quotients of this frequency (one such rate is 26633.5Hz).
in no way do these "standard" rates come into play here.

pitched samples are a myth

the concept of an arbitrary pitch sample does not exist. you may only use the "standard" frequencies that DefleMask gives you.
every sample is mapped to one of 12 semitones in an octave for a maximum of 12 samples total.
want more samples? say hello to sample banks.
by using an effect you can change the current sample bank, which applies to the entire song.

busted by SnoozeTracker, SuperNSF, THCMod, Fractal DualPCM and Furnace: arbitrary/variable pitch samples are possible by doing software mixing/accumulator.
this is only yet another arbitrary limitation set by DefleMask because back then nobody bothered to prove otherwise and "it is easier to just support 6 rates than 32000" (technically true, but not at the same time).

furthermore, the concept of a sample bank in DefleMask is fake, and in no way maps to actual ROM banks.

SegaPCM only has 5 channels

the SegaPCM chip used in many Sega arcade boards is known for only having 5 channels, which don't have loop points and stuff.

the reason why exactly 5 is...

busted by MAME: the SegaPCM chip actually has 16 channels rather than 5, and also has loop point capability.
the truth is that Delek thought 16 channels were too much and would be cumbersome considering DefleMask lacks pitched sample support, so he only exposed 5 of them.

the OutRun board has an NTSC color crystal

DefleMask's YM2151+SegaPCM preset (branded as "Arcade") is apparently designed to be a close equivalent to the OutRun board, which has the exact same chips.

the YM2151 runs at 3.58MHz (NTSC colorburst), and the SegaPCM chip runs at 4MHz.

busted by MAME and System 16: the YM2151 actually runs at 4MHz as well. a mixed clock setup would be too complicated.

Commodore 64 never existed in America

in DefleMask Legacy, the Commodore 64 system is PAL-only, which means it has never been released in NTSC land at all.
probably since nobody cares about-

busted by lots of people: the Commodore 64 DID exist in America (NTSC/60Hz countries), and in fact, it first appeared there back in 1982!
people just ignore it more since the Commodore 64 enjoyed a better life in Europe thanks to the demo/crack scene...
...hence why Delek arbitrarily prohibited the NTSC option (this was corrected in 1.0 onwards).

Neo Geo only has 6 sample channels

the Neo Geo sound chip (YM2610) has 4 FM channels, 3 square channels and 6 fixed-frequency sample channels.
the additional variable frequency channel is a myth, and a lie.

busted by Furnace: the Neo Geo does have an extra sample channel (ADPCM-B) with variable frequency and even linear interpolation.
this channel is missing in DefleMask as it would "require" (excuses!) pitched sample support, which Defle helplessly lacks as mentioned before.
however, it is true that Neo Geo CD lacks this channel (it actually has its ROM address lines unconnected)...

FM macros aren't a thing

the FM and STD instrument types are separate. FM doesn't have macros because I think the amount of flexibility is good enough.

just use 02xx for those drums.

busted by BambooTracker: FM instruments actually do allow for macros. it's too much I know, but it's proof it can be done.

Famicom Disk System wavetable is 4-bit

when DefleMask 1.1.2 was released, it carried a little surprise: the addition of a NES+FDS (sic) system.

however, as you can observe in the following picture, it only had 16-step wavetables, just like Game Boy and many other wavetable chips.

waveform editor with 16-step FDS wavetable

busted by FamiTracker: the FDS sound chip's wavetable part actually is 6-bit (in other words, 64-step wavetables).
DefleMask trying to sell you 4-bit FDS is just a lie and proof the brainwash program may be a thing... or it could just be Delek being lazy to bother implementing a 64-step wavetable view...
in fact, we pointed it out so hard that Delek was forced to fix this and actually make it proper (6-bit/64-step) as it should be in 1.1.3.
however, this broke the per-channel oscilloscope. now the FDS output was too amplified.
this was fixed in 1.1.4...

Famicom Disk System was released outside Japan

the system is called "NES + FDS" in DefleMask, which means the Disk System was released outside Japan and is perfectly usable, right?

busted by the entire world: the FDS is exclusive to Japan. the name "NES + FDS" is a misnomer which Delek refuses to fix.
however, to partially counter the point, it IS technically possible to use the FDS on the NES! but the FDS itself has to come from Japan...

the true saw/triangle waveform

DefleMask 1.1.4 introduced a feature to generate preset waveforms easily! here are some of them:

saw wave

triangle wave

these waveforms aren't wrong! the true saw and triangle waves look like this... anybody who objects is going to be executed!

busted by FamiTracker and even DefleMask itself (waveforms/ directory): the waveform generator in Defle is defective. it's as if it was made like this on purpose because the true saw and triangle waveforms don't look that bad...


there may be more to it, but those are the most noticeable points.

I wrote this post for the purpose of raising awareness of DefleMask's flaws/limitations (most of them artificial).
to make things worse, its developers don't appear to be open to complaints/issue reports/suggestions, which is horrible considering it is a paid program (the authors make money with it so that gives them one more reason to listen to its users).

the alternatives show a truth which DefleMask tries to bury...