june 2021

Mojang has NIH syndrome

yep. instead of adopting community standards, Mojang prefers to reinvent the wheel and push a totally different thing.

6/12 1:52 PM (UTC -5)

may 2021

DefleMask, game over.

DefleMask was a good chiptune creation and manipulation program, until things changed in 1.0...

5/06 6:38 AM (UTC -5)

april 2021

it's official

Phoronix has been owned.

4/21 12:49 PM (UTC -5)

AltDentifier - a huge privacy problem

at first I thought Roleypoly was the worst bot on Discord, but no, I think AltDentifier takes the title.

4/21 4:45 AM (UTC -5)

the "no elitism" rule that never was...

this Linux community here... is the odd one out. it has a particularly unique "no elitism" rule (probably to stop chaos), but it's actually a disguise...

4/17 1:39 PM (UTC -5)

march 2021

no posts this month.

february 2021

"we're going on an adventure!"... of trash and misery!

I am done here. those stupid deprecations are getting on my nerves.

2/25 1:56 PM (UTC -5)

did somebody say "anti-Wayland horseshit"?

in before you issue this aggressive response, we got reasons why are many people pushing this "anti-Wayland horseshit"!

2/23 3:56 PM (UTC -5)

january 2021

418 I'm a teapot


1/10 11:58 AM (UTC -5)

Amazing KDE Quality. number 5

all of a sudden, intense colors in Konsole went away, and even if the option is on it still remains off.

1/06 2:33 AM (UTC -5)

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