DefleMask, game over.

2021/05/06 6:38 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

DefleMask was a good chiptune creation and manipulation program, until things changed in 1.0...

(warning: rant. contains swearing because I am expressing my honest opinion and the DefleMask developers have ignited me up.)

...when Delek decided to turn it commercial and request a payment for it.
like is there any reason why? i mean, a real reason?!

I may understand DefleMask Mobile being paid because there is a cost to publish on the official application stores (I am looking at you Apple)...
I might understand DefleMask on Mac App Store being paid due to the same reason (couldn't you have published it as a traditional .dmg instead?!)...

but what I do not understand is DefleMask turning paid on Windows and Linux too. OK?!
that is where I say "that's enough" and quit.

having a monopoly on Genesis, PC Engine, Neo Geo and SegaPCM music composing, and promising to fix all the bugs and introduce a new amazing UI...

...this for sure is the WORST way to break our hearts and become the greedy devil.
instead of going the open way or staying on the same road, you were convinced by a scatter brain individual known as fd to completely shun a big userbase and go the commercial route.
don't you understand how much damage you are causing here?! don't you understand how pathetic this decision is?!
why couldn't you just keep the program as it is and allow us to enjoy it in peace?!

DefleMask is so full of bugs, you know.
I remember the times in where I used to report a lot of them...
...but those only were like 5% of the bugs DefleMask has!
sometimes clicking on a button would crash it; sometimes clicking on a button presses the one underneath; no HiDPI support; FM instrument in C64; sometimes does not open files and crashes as soon as it tries to; reSID licensing problem; you could type a C-255 note; you could type Error notes; you could type FFFFFFFE effect (maximum was FF); you could freeze the program with ease; C64 used to crash; you could play around the intro song while the intro was playing; Arcade system does not reset channel 8 noise mode upon loading another module; Game Boy ROM exporter didn't fucking work; C64 ROM exporter easily fails; the FUCKING paid version replaces the high-quality Game Boy core with a piece of trash one (what a shame); deleting all instruments triggers memory corruption; you can draw outside range in a macro and get surreal values (non-hexadecimal!); the oscilloscope often gets off its designated area; the sound clips horribly (it causes insane clicks) if you raise the volume too much (instead of just clipping via distortion); you can type a 32 in a wavetable that goes from 0 to 31; live mode was a mess; you can't type C-0 to reach PC Engine's full note range; NES system does not go below C-1 (even though the hardware can go all the way down to A-0); typing a note would cause it to play off-pitch in arcade system; no NTSC for C64; you can crash it by adding too many patterns; SMS volume macro can go up to 31 when it should go up to 15; PCE export barely works, and when it does it fails later; PCE VGM export used to make a waveform mess after one loop; 8-bit samples cause distortion; and a lot more...
...and after all of that, you decide to fix these bugs, ADD NEW FREAKING BUGS and SELL THE FUCKING thing for $10?!
do you really think anybody is going to buy a program known for being riddled with bugs and expect them to be fixed?! no!!!
and in fact, this new version introduces MORE BUGS THAN THE PREVIOUS LEGACY ONE!!!!
this thing should be $0!

and you know what, let me respond to your bullshit excuses...

"We will be able to reach more platforms and stores!"? who cares?! this is a music production program, not a toy! having DefleMask Mobile is interesting, yeah, but... ok who the fuck wants Defle on VR?! NOBODY!!! WHAT KIND OF BRAIN DEAD MENTALITY IS THIS?! (partially likewise for Switch)

"Support the tracker you love!"? you know what Delek, this is not called "support". being forced to pay is not called "support". if it really was "support", it would be optional. a forced donation NEVER WORKS, and you know that well!

"To keep development active"? well, if you just open-sourced DefleMask, then development would be kept alive forever. imagine 50 people working on it (vs. 2 or 3).

"If you're not sure, try the previous version!"? the previous version full of fucking shit bugs and terrible UI?!
Delek, I remember you said this...

Desktop version will be always free

then why the HELL is this thing $9.99?! WHAT KIND OF LIAR ARE YOU?!?!

and when I talked about that the day 1.0 for Mac was announced, fd started to twist words and turn it into something else... know what shithead, you can't "edit" a promise.
a promise is a promise and it never changes.

furthermore, you did not realize one thing... and this is a big thing: many of the Demo Songs are covers of songs that are under copyright, like the Ken Stage song, the Sonic songs, Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, Flower Garden, etc.
how could you let this pass?! that is illegal! ILLEGAL!
(to Nintendo, Sega, Capcom, Square Enix or anyone who owns the copyright to the arrangement of these song covers: if you are seeing this, I hereby demand you to issue a cease and desist note to Leonardo Demartino (Delek) as soon as you can, because this man is making money out of your intellectual property; and may this be the only time I actually desire so from you...)

since you broke my heart (and a lot of other hearts) too much with this, hereby I am going to tell you... prepare.
yes, prepare. you will not like what comes next.

if you are seeing this, don't buy this scam of a program, let alone use the legacy version.
support E-FamiTracker. support OpenMPT. support BambooTracker. support open-source and collaborative.
don't support buggy program author that demands payment for a buggier version.

repeat after me: #FreeDeflemask! #FreeDeflemask! #FreeDeflemask!
boycott the developer!

Delek and fd, fuck you!