Amazing KDE Quality. number 4.

2020/12/01 8:07 PM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

apparently, using Application Menu (global menu bar) is a death sentence to your menu bars if you decide to resign later.

Ctrl-M does nothing

and even worse, in some cases Ctrl-M does nothing! yes, the keybind for enabling the menu bars again..... doesn't work.
Amazing KDE Quality.

oh, but here's what really pisses me off.


it. is. ALREADY. HIDDEN!!!
this time I pressed Ctrl-M, hoping that the menu bar comes back, only to get this "hide menu bar" dialog.
what the heck?!

i'm sure it will crash after I click OK, like the whole KDE...

oh it didn't? and then it actually worked?

bug report, which everyone left in the dust. pretty sure they're gonna call it "obsolete" and "fixed already" soon....