what about you focus on fixing the old, reproducible bugs instead of calling them obsolete?

2020/11/28 10:31 AM (UTC -5) | tildearrow

as pointed out on a previous Amazing KDE Quality article, there are some bugs that can be reproduced to this day, and stay open and left abandoned, like the KRDC one...
...however, this appears to be the developer's attitude:

Thanks to the coordinating efforts of Justin Zobel, the KDE BugSquad has been working harder than ever to separate the wheat from the chaff so developers can focus on whedmat matters, rather than wading through a sea of obsolete reports and bugs that have been fixed ages ago.

are you saying that old bugs are automatically "fixed" just for being old? how dare you call them obsolete?!
bug reports are never obsolete if they are still open and the problem in question is still reproducible, unless the author of aforementioned bug report vanished and the report is left in limbo.
like, a bug is a bug and it never becomes "obsolete and magically fixed".

if you are wishing to do things right, you shouldn't endeavor this strategy. it won't work well.
first focus on fixing the big bugs, even if you think they are obsolete (like crashes), and then you can focus on the smaller ones.
I mean, sometimes I had poor experiences when using KDE, due to the fact something is capable of crashing at random if you mess with it a tad too much. like, why?
do you pretend a specific pipeline will work all the time and therefore skip error checks?

the reason why I still use KDE is because there isn't any other desktop that fits my needs. customizable (vs. GNOME), proper UX (vs. GNOME) and engaging (like animations and effects) (vs. Xfce and a swarm of window managers). otherwise, I would have moved on already, because I can't tolerate the crashes anymore. like, I am scared to open KDevelop now... it's been crashing more than ever, I mean, back in 2015-2019 it would not crash this much, perhaps once in a while but that's it; but now what? it crashes after 4-6 hours of usage? and now it just got worse? (in one chance KDevelop crashed after just ONE HOUR and then after re-opening I managed to crash KDevelop by doing nothing) really?... who would want to work like that?...

unless I misunderstood something, this clearly is not a good attitude if there are "obsolete" critical bugs, like the fact Plasma crashes to exit and sometimes it can survive a logout...

my suggestion is, focus on the crashes first, regardless of age (yeah, what about you fix old bugs first?), and then you can focus on the nuisances.

at least I am glad you are not adding too many features now to focus on fixing bugs (perhaps you noticed GNOME's been on a rally lately)...